Metal Stamping Parts                 Pull Box                           Custom Display                  CCTV Enclosure             Metal Solar Enclosure

We accept job orders for all sheet metal works such as Equipment Racks, Steel Cabinets, Lockers, Racks, Clamps, Brackets, Metal Enclosures, Kiosks, Stainless Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, Cable Trays, Cable Ladders, Electrical Panel Enclosures and other custom design requirements.  Other Services include Precision Laser Cutting, Precision Punching, Precision Bending, Precision Plasma Cutting, Robot Welding and Welding (Spot/Mig/Tig).

45 RU Server Racks       42 RU Equipment Racks       12 RU Wall Mounted            6 RU Wall Mounted            Perforated Locker

                                                                                                 Data Cabinets                      Data Cabinets   

Stainless Sink                 Stainless Table                          ESD Table                      Custom Cabinet                     Custom Basket

Steel Racks                          Metal Clamps                   Stainless Cabinet               Battery Cabinet               Stainless Scrub Sink

Dedicated in providing QUALITY PRODUCTS and in providing the FINEST SERVICE to our CLIENTS

  Outdoor Pullbox             Custom Perforation               SS Food Trolley                    Cable Trays                 Steel Doors with Louver

Steel Locker                     Custom Locker                    Stainless Box                   Heavy Duty Cabinet            Filing Cabinet and 

                                                                                                                                                                                     Mobile Pedestals

      Key Cabinet                      Metal Enclosure                Metal Enclosure                  Plasma Cutting           Stainless Pump Enclosure

- No minimum quantity (prototype or volume)

- Variety of material options from

  Mild Steel, Cold Rolled, Stainless, Aluminum

Panel Enclosure                  Tools Cabinet                 Mobile Pedestal                  Steel Louver Door          Metal Stamping Parts

  Trashbin                         Stainless Trashbin                     Trashbin                        Filing Cabinet                   Stainless Enclosure     

 Wall Mount Cabinet                Data Cabinet                Sliding Glass Cabinet              Cable Ladders                    Open Bay Rack

Steel Locker * Equipment Rack * Wall mounted Cabinets * Steel Cabinets * Electrical Enclosures * Stainless Sinks & Tables * Racks

ATM Cladding * Customized Banking ATM Consoles * Point-of-Sale (POS) * Customized Consoles * Self Service Kiosks * Customized Tables

Cable Trays * Cable Ladders *  ESD Tables  *  Tools Cabinet * Metal Kiosks  *  Custom Enclosures  *  Filing Cabinets  *  Decorative  

- Based on your design
- Fast Delivery
- Price match

The solid-state laser enables the processing of non-ferrous metals such as Aluminum, Copper and Brass. 

Dedicated in providing QUALITY PRODUCTS and in providing the FINEST SERVICE to our CLIENTS